I need to find 2 articles on behavioral interventions for traumatic brain injury


Could you please help me find to articles on OT interventions for behavior?

Answered By: Linda Kern
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I'm glad you only need two articles! This is a challenging search to find readily available full text. If you research this topic for your thesis you will want to use our information delivery service extensively. there is much more information available that way.

Checking the relevant resources, I found a little bit here and a little bit there. No single resource had a number of articles. I used the OT LibGuide at to locate places to search. In each location I searched variations on "brain injury" AND behavioral intervention" AND "occupational therapy". Be sure to paste the suggested search terms complete with the quotation marks and "AND"s.

Journal searches:

The OT journals yielded little with the exception of AJOT. Searching AJOT (listed on the Articles tab under OT journals) with "brain injury" AND behavioral AND intervention yielded 186 articles. There may be a few relevant to your search, but there is a lot of clutter also. Watch the dates - some are older.

Database searches:

CINAHL Plus with full text yielded a couple of results when searching with "brain injury" AND "behavioral intervention". Among them you will find Patrick, P. D., Savage, R. C., Woods, D. T., Catroppa, C., Giallo, R., Matthews, J., & Anderson, V. A. (2012). Feasibility and consumer satisfaction ratings following an intervention for families who have a child with acquired brain injury. Neurorehabilitation, 30(3), 189-198.

Medline with full text yielded a few more using "brain injury" AND behavioral AND intervention. Be sure to use the full text and date limiters. Among the results was Bell, K., Temkin, N., Esselman, P., Doctor, J., Bombardier, C., Fraser, R., & ... Dikmen, S. (2005). The effect of a scheduled telephone intervention on outcome after moderate to severe traumatic brain injury: a randomized trial. Archives Of Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation, 86(5), 851-856. Unfortunately, the linked full text isn't really full text, but we have the print in the library. We will email the full text separately in case you find it useful.

Let us know if you have further problems with the search!

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