How can I find articles about dating on the job?


I can't find anything - do I need to look under something else?

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You're on the right track! When you are performing searches in a database, try your search multiple times using synonyms to get the best results. If an article describes your topic using one word and you search only for another word, you can miss some great material! For example, instead of only searching for "on the job dating", run your search again using terms like these:

  • workplace AND romance (Note that AND connects the two terms in one search, so you retrieve only articles that include both terms.)
  • business AND romance
  • workplace AND "sexual ethics" (Note the quotation marks around the phrase, which keeps those words together so the database will search for the entire term.)
  • "work environment" AND "sexual ethics"

Another winning strategy is to try these searches in multiple databases. Each database is a unique collection of articles, so you'll find some articles in one collection that may not be in another. You'll find the best business-oriented databases in our Business LibGuide at

In the LibGuide, click the yellow Business - Articles tab at the top of the page to see a list of databases. Try Business Source Complete (fourth database under Business Articles) and the broader-spectrum database Academic Search Complete (first database under Additional Business Information) for a wide variety of results! Here's some additional tips to get you started:

  • Click any check boxes for Peer Reviewed or Scholarly Journals to ensure that the database returns items from only academic and scholarly sources.
  • Click any check boxes for Full Text to retrieve only items that you can read right away!
  • Another handy tool is the Publication Date slide bar, which you can use to narrow the range of articles. (Last 10 years, last 5 years, etc.)

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