I am using the following article and it does not have a DOI. I know I have to list a full url, but not sure how to find the article online that I cou


d find a url. 1.Christensen, L., K, R. Y., & Marchant, M. (2004). The effects of a peer-mediated positive behavior support program on socially appropriate classroom behavior. Education & Treatment of Children, 27(3), 199-234. ( Please help)

Answered By: Linda Kern
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Technically, you don't need to find the article itself; APA only requires the journal's home page. To find the journal online, Google the title of the journal. In this case, there are two home pages, one on a web site for the journal itself (, and one for the journal's publisher, West Virginia University Press ( I would choose the former because it has the most thorough information on the publication and tells the reader which databases index the journal and which contain full text, which is what the reader really wants to know.

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