Do I need to include the words "running head" on my first page? Do I need an Abstract?


I am taking Dr. Fish-Lacey's class and we came to the library and listened to Ms. Kerns (sp?) talk to us about research. She printed a helpful paper, but it does not list an Abstract or that our first page needs to say "RUNNING HEAD" like the book does...which is correct?

Answered By: Linda Kern
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You have a great eye for detail! And yes, the Manual is always the ultimate authority. In this case, though, it's a matter of what is generally required. The sample paper doesn't use the words running head on the first page or include an abstract because most undergrad professors teaching lower level courses don't require those items. IF you want to add a running head, a short title of 50 characters including spaces, with the words "running head" used only on the first page, see

An abstract is a summary that includes specific information; details about how to compose an abstract are found on pp. 25-27 of the Manual.

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