I need primary sources for my history class.


I need copies of two old books, the Akbar Namah (Akbar-namah) and the Ain I Akbari.

Answered By: Linda Kern
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It is often easy to find old documents on the web; the trick is to be sure the source of the document is credible and trustworthy. Universities, research institutions, and libraries often have digital archives housing copies of authenticated primary sources.
This is a credible source for the Akbar Namah:
As you can see in the URL, it is from Columbia University.
I found it by Googling akbarnama This search limits the results to sites that end in .edu, which includes colleges and universities and the associated research libraries.
I used the same strategy to search Ain I Akbari The second hit is the University of Pennsylvania's catalog of online books. It links to this:;page=root;view=image;size=100;seq=7. The Hathi Trust has an extensive, authoritative digital library.

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