Hello, I am looking for articles on Capital Asset Pricing do I begin?


Answered By: Marlene Giguere
Last Updated: Dec 12, 2016     Views: 66

You may wish to begin by consulting our Business LibGuide at It will explain in greater detail how to find appropriate resouces for your subject. And there is a considerable amount of information on your topic in 2 main business databases, ABI/INFORM and Business Source Complete.
In ABI/INFORM you can input your topic in the search box using quotations, as in "captial asset pricing model" and you will retrieve over 1800 results.  I would recommend that you look at the limiters available on the results page and limit by scholarly articles, date, etc.  You can also review the suggested subjects in the box above the results.  Selecting one of these subjects will reduce results and ensure that the articles that you do find are highly pertinent. Note that the suggested subject terms refer to your topic as CAPM.  
In Business Source Complete, you can use the same strategy by inputing your search topic in quotations in the search box.  This will also generate a large number of results.  In order to focus the search, you should consult the limiter boxes on the left of the results in particular the Subject: Thesaurus Terms box to select the appropriate subject term.  Then you can continue to refine your results by limiting by scholarly publications, date,etc. 
In conclusion, given the amount of information on your topic, you may wish to focus on a particular aspect in order to limit the number of pertinent results. 





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