I need 1 scholarly article related to education from a peer-reviewed journal using the library’s LibGuides for my School and Society course


I tried searching on my own but I'm not that familiar with navigating the system, please help

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We're glad to help!

Click to the Education Guide. Once there, click on the gold Articles tab. For this research, I would choose Education Journals by ProQuest from the list; you're sure to find some good articles there. You'll be asked to log in with your 6 digit student ID number and your Brenau username.

Try a search like parental support AND academic achievement, or any issue you prefer. Notice that I took two ideas, (1)parents helping their children in school and (2)how well the students perform academically, narrowed the ideas to a few keywords, and tied them together with AND. Putting AND between your search terms generates more, relevant results. Before you search, click the box to limit the results to peer reviewed articles.

On the results page, use the left side toolbar to limit your results to the last 5 years and to full text.

You'll find a lot of great results, such as

  • Núñez, ,J.C., Suárez, N., Rosário, P., Vallejo, G., Valle, A., & Epstein, J. L. (2015). Relationships between perceived parental involvement in homework, student homework behaviors, and academic achievement: Differences among elementary, junior high, and high school students. Metacognition and Learning, 10(3), 375-406.

  • Gordon, M. S., & Cui, M. (2012). The effect of school-specific parenting processes on academic achievement in adolescence and young adulthood. Family Relations, 61(5), 728-741.

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