Where can I get general information on the scores of the Eating Disorder Inventory-3?


I do not want artciles on the EDI-3, just general information on what the scores mean for the EDI-3 and more specifically on the subscale of Emotional Dysregulation (ED).

Answered By: Linda Kern
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The ideal source is Eating Disorder Inventory-3: Professional Manual but it isn't available online that I can find. If you haven't already done so, you should check with Dr. Green in the clinic to see if we own it.

I've found several other resources, but I'm not sure any have the level of detail you need.

Googling "Eating Disorder Inventory-3" led me to general overviews such as this: , which notes "The EDI-3 consists of 91 items organized onto 12 primary scales, consisting of 3 eating-disorder-specific scales and 9 general psychological scales that are highly relevant to, but not specific to, eating disorders. It yields six composites: Eating Disorder Risk, Ineffectiveness, Interpersonal Problems, Affective Problems, Overcontrol, General Psychological Maladjustment."  The vendor's site has a sample score report, but it doesn't interpret the scores. 

I searched variations on the EDI Manual and the company, with no better results.

As you have seen, there are many articles on the reliability and validity of the instrument, but it is unlikely that these will describe how the scores are interpreted. This is a large part of the proprietary value of the assessment, and companies are often reluctant to make interpretive information freely available.

My last suggestion would be to search for dissertations on studies that have used the instrument. Due to their length, dissertations often go into great detail about the instruments used. These secondary sources, if they contain the needed info, would help you to get started, but would not be appropriate for use in your thesis. There are many full text dissertations here: . A search of Eating Disorder Inventory-3 as the exact phrase (rather than "all of the words") yielded 30 dissertations that used the EDI-3.

If none of this works for you, talk to your professor for suggestions to handle the problem.

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