What can you tell me about Lillian Woolsey Hunter?


Born in New York in 1874. worked in Cleveland OH. Known for post card art and portraits of turn of the 20th century 'belles'. Died in June of 1926.

Answered By: Linda Kern
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Unfortunately, Lillian Woolsey Hunter isn't a good topic for the an academic research paper. As delightful as her work was, she was not prominent enough to be included in any of the usual authoritative resources. Identifying authoritative information will take more time than the usual class allows. I suggest you search Google Books using "Lillian Woolsey Hunter". Don't loose the quotation marks - they focus the search. This search will give you a bit more information, but certainly not enough for even a short paper. Beyond that, it is probably a matter of directly contacting historical societies, museums, galleries, public and academic libraries, local art historians, and collectors in the Cleveland area for further unpublished or locally published information.

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